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About us

Telebrands Pakistan is the parent company of the Nicer Dicer Plus is in the business of online shopping in Pakistan since 2010. Now Telebrands Nicer Dicer Plus has gained more 6 years experience in total. The delivery policy, return policy, and all other policies of the Telebrands Nicer Dicer Plus are same as of its parent company.

What we do:

Telebrands Nicer Dicer Plus basically deals in quality kitchen appliances, especially the Nicer Dicer Plus.  The Telebrands Nicer Dicer Plus is also known from the other name as the Salad Chef. Nicer Dicer Plus is basically a multi-purpose chopper and consists of different cutting tools designed to cut different type of edible items in a safer and quicker manner. The impressive feature about the Nicer Dicer Plus is that it allows cutting the vegetable, fruits and other edible items in 12 different and unique ways.  With the Nicer Dicer Plus, there is no need to use the traditional knife.

The Nicer Dicer Plus comes with the 1.75 liter storage compartment. This large storage compartment saves your time to empty the compartment each time during cutting, chopping or blending. The storage compartment is airtight, so all your edible items would remain fresh and crispy all the time. The use of the product is quite easy, you just have to place the fruit, vegetable on the top of the Nicer Dicer Plus and then press the handle downward to cut or chop the edible item.

 The Nicer Dicer Plus comes with 5 different cutting tools and each tool can cut the food in 4 and 8 parts. The Nicer Dicer Plus is made from the highest quality food grade plastic and the stainless steel blades that lasts for years. The Nicer Dicer Plus can easily be detached for cleaning and storage purposes. It is totally safe to use and the chances of injuries are very minimal.

Mode of Payment:

Like the other companies of the Telebrands Pakistan, Nicer Dicer Plus also uses the same cash on delivery payment mode. The customers need to collect their parcel by paying its charges.

Mode of Delivery:

Nicer Dicer Plus processes all the deliveries with its dedicated delivery persons. Usually, the delivery time takes up to 1-2 days for the urban communities, but the time span for far flung rural communities might get more time than that.

Fake Websites:

This is an undeniable fact that the Telebrands Pakistan has gained significant prominence during the past six years. So some other vendors are also using the same brands to market their products. Please note that all these websites are doing illegal business by using the by sing the fake brand name of the Telebrands Pakistan. Names of some of these websites are Telebrand.PK, Telebrands.PK,, etc. We are not responsible for any fraud of forgery done by all or any one of these fake websites.

Future Plans:

Telebrands Pakistan has now decided to go a further step ahead by introducing the business to the other parts of the world and Middle East and European countries.